Why Mommy Makeover Surgery Is So Popular

Mommy Makeover Surgery
It can be tough for women with children to go online and see photos of celebrities showing off their post-pregnancy bikini bodies. This is especially true for moms who exercise regularly and make healthy diet choices, but who still feel like their bodies will never be the same as they were before getting pregnant. That’s why we’re seeing more women scheduling Mommy Makeover surgeries from Edmonton and throughout Alberta at our practice.

The Effects of Pregnancy

A woman’s body stores more fat during pregnancy, and hormonal changes increase the breasts’ volume to prepare for breastfeeding. What happens after pregnancy and breastfeeding vary from one person to another, but in many cases, the breasts deflate and their size decreases. The changes to a woman’s belly can be even more profound. Pregnancy stretches the skin and the abdominal muscles and increases fat in these areas.

The frustrating thing for most women is that abdominal crunches and core workouts do little to get their abs back to their pre-pregnancy appearance. And no creams or other solutions will restore the perkiness of their breasts.

Why Surgery Works

Surgical intervention for these issues is really the only way to regain the confidence you had in your body before having children. That’s why Mommy Makeover surgeries are so popular. The phrase Mommy Makeover refers to a suite of cosmetic surgery procedures that can be combined in a single operation. Even though these procedures are customized for each patient, they generally include the following:

  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Cosmetic breast surgery
  • Liposuction

The breast procedure is often a breast lift, either with or without implants, or breast reduction surgery. Combining these procedures is safe when performed by an experienced, Royal College-certified plastic surgeon.

What are the benefits of combining these procedures?

  • A single recovery: You only need to arrange for time off work, household help, or child care for a single recovery. Your discomfort and recovery period will be consolidated, rather than spread out and prolonged.
  • Comprehensive results: Most patients enjoy the feeling of seeing the physical improvements all at once, rather than spread out over several procedures.

A Few Considerations

If you’re considering a Mommy Makeover, it’s important to wait at least 6 months after you stop breastfeeding before scheduling the operation. Your breasts will continue changing as hormones regain their normal levels. The procedure isn’t only for new moms, either. Some of our patients waited until their children were in their teens or even out of the house before scheduling their surgeries.

The results are worth it at whatever point in your life you decide to get a Mommy Makeover. You can see the types of outcomes our surgeons produce in our gallery of before-and-after photos. You can contact us using the online form to request a consultation at our plastic surgery practice in Calgary or call our office at (403) 452-7953 to schedule an appointment with 1 of our plastic surgeons to discuss your concerns.