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Women come to our Calgary practice for breast augmentation revision surgery for various reasons.

Some want to replace older breast implants with updated models, or they're disappointed with the results achieved by another surgeon. Others want to change the size of their implants.

A common theme in all breast augmentation revision surgeries is that the procedure is generally more complicated than the initial operation and requires an experienced, Royal College-certified plastic surgeon with the surgical skills needed to produce the desired results.

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Several factors make breast augmentation revision more complex than the initial breast augmentation surgery. The unique challenges include the presence of scar tissue that forms around the implant, skin stretched by the implants, and chest anatomy that may be compromised. Our surgeons at Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery are among the few in the Calgary area with the expertise needed to perform revision procedures.

Depending on the specific reason for performing revision surgery, the procedure may include the following:

Repairing an implant pocket

The pocket created during the initial augmentation surgery might be too large or in the wrong position. Our surgeons may need to use an acellular dermal matrix of collagen to create a tighter, more supportive implant pocket that's positioned correctly.

Changing the implants' location

In some cases, changing a sub-glandular placement — above the pectoral muscle to a sub-muscular or dual-plane placement is necessary. Our surgeons typically prefer the dual-plane approach because it avoids the visible rippling that can occur with a sub-glandular placement but still looks more natural than an implant placed entirely behind the muscle.

Combining a breast lift with revision surgery

Breasts change over time, with or without implants. For women exchanging implants that are several years old, our surgeons may recommend including a breast lift with the surgery to create a more youthful appearance.

Each technique requires a surgeon — such as Dr. Whidden, Dr. Humphreys, or Dr. Byers — with advanced training and technical skills.

Reasons for Revision Surgery

Most women who get breast implants are very pleased with their outcomes and experience no complications. Our surgeons perform many elective breast augmentation revision procedures, meaning the patients choose to either replace or remove breast implants even when there aren't complications. Augmentation revision procedures fall into two general categories:

Elective Implant Exchange

By exchanging older implants for a newer generation of implants, women can improve the look and feel of their results. For example, patients may want to replace saline implants with the available cohesive silicone gel implants. Or they may want to change the size, shape, or profile of their implants or the location from above or below the muscle.

Cosmetic Concerns

There is a range of issues that create visible deformities associated with breast augmentation. Often, these can be caused when an inexperienced surgeon improperly plans or executes the initial procedure. Rippling, symmastia ("uni-boob"), and "double-bubble" are some of these issues. The most common complication is capsular contracture, a condition in which the capsule that forms naturally around the implant tightens and makes an implant feel hard and appear out of shape. Another concern is an implant that sits too low or too high on the chest wall.


As with primary breast augmentation surgery, women wake up in the recovery room after the procedure. Our surgeons and nurses monitor their progress and ensure they're ready to return home, which usually occurs about two hours after the surgery. Detailed post-op instructions are provided to each patient to help keep them comfortable and minimize the risk of complications. The recovery is similar to that following an initial augmentation procedure but may take a bit longer, depending on the reason for the revision surgery.

If you're considering a revision augmentation procedure to exchange breast implants, request a consultation using the online form to meet privately with one of our plastic surgeons. Or call our office at (403) 452-7953 to schedule an appointment.

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