Areola and Nipple Reduction and Reconstruction

Nipple and areola reconstruction is often performed on patients who lack one or both nipples, commonly due to mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast), injury or a congenital disability. It is often the final step in the breast reconstruction process.

Long or prominent nipples can cause insecurity while wearing swimwear or thin and tighter clothing.

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Nipple & Areola Reduction Before & After Photos

Online, we showcase images from patients who have have given us specific sharing consent. In some cases, patients prefer to have their procedural before and after photos kept private. When you visit our clinic for your in-person consultation, we have access to before and after images which patients have allowed us to use for consultation purposes only.
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About the Procedure

Nipple and areola reconstruction is typically performed several months after the breast reconstruction procedure when the breast mound has settled in place.  Nipple reconstruction typically has two stages and consists of a surgical procedure to create a new nipple from the surrounding skin, followed by three-dimensional tattooing to create a realistic appearing areola.

The procedure to reduce the size or length of the nipples is relatively straightforward and has little to no downtime. It can be performed with a local anesthetic and completed in an hour or less. The result is smaller, more delicate-looking nipples that enhance the beauty of the breast.

Areola reduction can also be performed in conjunction with other breast surgeries. The surgeon will make an incision along the pigmented part of the areola, create size and shape and sew the nipple back in place, leaving a smaller, more appropriate size that compliments the breast.


Both nipple reconstruction and reduction procedures are typically day surgeries and are performed under local anesthetic only. They require dressings for 1-2 weeks but often do not require significant time off regular activities, including work.

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