No one ever decides to have cosmetic surgery easily. Often people spend years considering, researching and saving before they feel ready to take the next step and book a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon.

We are glad that your journey has led you to the practice of Dr. Douglas Humphreys, Dr. Paul Whidden and Dr. Brett Byers, and we look forward to assisting you with this crucial step.

We take a very personal approach to patient care based on the belief that every person who walks through our door is unique with their own story, circumstances and needs. Because of this, everyone who sees us must receive a thorough and personal consultation with their chosen surgeon before deciding. This is your chance to meet with a professional to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and get an unbiased and informed evaluation of your needs.

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Your Consultation Experience

Our Administrative and Public Relations Coordinator will greet you on your consultation day. She will have you fill out a one-page form that outlines the information you filled in online or over the phone when you booked your appointment. You will then be escorted to a consultation room where you will meet with our clinic nurse, who will review some information and take your pre-operative pictures. You will then be able to meet with Dr. Humphreys, Dr. Whidden or Dr. Byers for the rest of your consultation. This is because the Surgeon performing the surgery is the only person qualified and experienced enough to perform an examination, make recommendations regarding your surgery implant sizing, and answer questions regarding your unique case. The consultation itself may take 30 – 45 minutes to ensure all the information is thoroughly reviewed and you feel you can make an informed decision after your meeting.

For Rhinoplasty procedures, specialized imaging software may help you envision the results achieved through surgery. Before pictures are taken by one of our staff members and are modified according to the changes, you have expressed in your consultation. Your surgeon will then discuss the image modification and explain any limitations imposed by your anatomy to give you a realistic expectation for your surgical outcome.

After your consultation, you will then be able to meet with our Patient Care Coordinator in a private room to go over detailed information regarding pre-operative instructions, review surgical fees and discuss possible surgical dates. We'll try to book your surgery as close to your desired date.

Following this meeting, we will send you home with pre-operative instructions and a copy of the quote outlining your fees and how they are broken down. Our goal is that by the end of your consultation experience, you will leave fully informed and feel very comfortable with your decision.

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Your Surgical Experience

Your surgical date is a day that you will look forward to but likely be a little nervous about at the same time. We will do our best to put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable and informed regarding your surgical day.

Two Weeks Before:

This is the time to begin the pre-operative instructions our Patient Care Coordinator reviewed with you. This involves washing with anti-bacterial soap and the day of your surgery, abstaining from certain drugs or vitamins, and reminding you what items you need to bring that day. For example, if you were advised to pick up compression stockings, now is the time.

Your Surgery Day:

Approximately one week before your surgery, our recovery room nurse will call to inform you when you need to arrive at the surgical suite. This is usually an hour before your surgery so that your Surgeon and Anesthetist can meet with you to discuss what to expect, put your mind at ease and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our cosmetic surgeries are performed at the Macleod Trail Surgical Centre in our building. This state-of-the-art facility is fully accredited and adheres to the country's most stringent private hospital guidelines for safety and procedures. It is staffed by our highly qualified Anesthetist and dedicated, well-trained surgical nurses hand-picked by our Surgeons.

When you wake from your surgery, you will be in our recovery room, personally taken care of by our highly experienced recovery room nurse. You can expect to stay in our recovery room for approximately two to three hours following surgery. Our recovery room nurse will remain with you to ensure you are comfortable, administer your first doses of medications and help you transition out of your anesthetic. She will also contact your caregiver to let them know how you are doing and instruct them on caring for you and administering your medications. We also have a nurse who supervises our out-of-town patients while they are in Calgary. Your Surgeon will see you again before you leave, let you know how things went, and answer any questions before the nurse gets to you.

Beds in the Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery Recovery Room

Following Your Surgery:

With our commitment to complete patient care, all our surgeons like to personally follow up with their patients for at least the first year. Your body may change for up to a full year following surgery, and you need to attend your follow-up visits so your Surgeon can monitor your progress. During these visits, your progress will be assessed and discussed with you, and photos may be taken to monitor the changes between visits and document your final result. Many patients request a copy of their pre-operative and post-operative images to commemorate their experience.

Though the surgical process is completed in a year, we consider every patient that walks through our door a part of our extended family, and you will always be treated as such. We are always available to answer questions and welcome phone calls and visits.

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