Nonsurgical Options to Eyelid Surgery: Do They Work?

Our plastic surgeons are advocates for their patients. They’re committed to recommending the least invasive treatment solution that addresses an individual’s aesthetic concerns as effectively and enduringly as possible.

Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lift, or Both?

If you’re considering facial rejuvenation around the eyes, it’s likely you aren’t sure whether a brow lift or eyelid surgery at our Calgary practice would be more beneficial to you. You know you would like to appear more alert and rested, but how can you decide which surgery is the right approach?

Under-Eye Bags? Consider Eyelid Surgery

If people tell you that you look tired even when you’re wide awake, you may want to consider eyelid surgery. At our plastic surgery practice in Calgary, Royal College-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Humphreys and Dr. Byers perform this popular surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, to help patients appear as young and alert as they feel.