Bikinis & Breast Implants: Shopping for Bathing Suits


Once you’ve decided to get a breast augmentation at our Calgary plastic surgery practice, the excitement often builds as you think about getting new clothes tailored to highlight your shape. One of the perks of getting breast implants is buying bathing suits that flatter your new figure.

It’s important, however, to not rush out and buy a new bikini or 2 immediately because the shape and size of breasts change during the first several months following surgery. So, when is the right time to shop? We’ll address that topic and identify some other issues to consider when purchasing a bathing suit in the rest of this blog post.

Why Wait?

Women on a breast augmentation journey hear the advice, “you need to be patient” probably more than they’d like. It’s especially true during the recovery process and while waiting for breast implants to settle. The phrase “Frankenboob” shows up on a lot of websites that provide answers to questions about breast augmentation. It describes the way breasts often sit unnaturally high on the chest after a breast enhancement procedure. This is normal during the first several weeks after getting implants.

Even though most post-op swelling and discomfort disappear after about 7 days, the breasts continue to sit high on the chest. That’s why you wouldn’t want to shop for bathing suits during the first month or more after augmentation.

Don’t Guess at Your Size

Once the breasts “drop”—meaning the implants have settled and the breasts look natural—it’s time for shopping. Well, almost time. We recommend that breast augmentation patients have a professional fitting to get precise sizes for bathing suits and bras. A professional fitting is definitely worth it once you consider the cost of some bikinis and bras.

Time to Buy!

When it’s finally time to go shopping (and it’s a good idea to avoid online shopping for your first bikini after breast augmentation surgery), you may be thinking about more than just the suit’s style for the first time in your life. That’s because if you’ve always had smaller breasts, support wasn’t really an issue when choosing a bikini. That changes with breast implants.

There are different types of bathing suit cuts other than a simple bikini, of course, and now would be a good time to explore new styles. Depending on your level of modesty, you may want to try something more adventurous. If your incisions are completely healed, an underwire bikini can really highlight the size and shape of your breasts.

One last bit of advice: If you’re not accustomed to wearing a bikini or other skin-baring clothes, remember to apply sunscreen. You’ll want to protect the delicate skin of your breasts and chest to avoid sun damage.

Are you in the decision-making stage of your journey? Many women find it helpful to browse before-and-after photos to get a sense of the breast implant possibilities. If you’re in the Calgary area, you can also contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (403) 452-7953 to schedule an appointment.