All About Eyelid Surgery: What to Expect Before, During & After

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As you explore eyelid surgery in the Edmonton area, it can help to know what to expect every step of the way. At our plastic surgery practice in Calgary, we provide as much information as we can to make sure our eyelid surgery patients are informed and actively involved in their experience from the first consultation to the final follow-up.

In this blog post, we’ll share a bit more about what it’s like to prepare for, undergo, and recover from eyelid surgery—and to enjoy the rejuvenating results that follow.

Before Eyelid Surgery

Before your procedure, you and your surgeon will set the stage for a positive experience.


The first step is selecting a surgeon to perform your eyelid surgery. Look through before-and-after photos, check for credentials, and read real patient reviews for surgeons in your area. Consider scheduling consultations with your top 2 or 3. Meeting in person will help you decide on the best surgeon for you.


Your consultation is a great opportunity to ask your surgeon questions about the procedure, his or her experience performing it, and any recommendations your surgeon may have for helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Together you will discuss your concerns to determine whether you are a candidate. You may also discuss enhancing your results with nonsurgical treatments, which you can learn more about in this related blog post.


Once you’ve scheduled your procedure, it’s time to prep for surgery. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow for the day of your procedure. You can also prep in the weeks ahead by arranging a ride home from your appointment, avoiding alcohol, and eating nutritious foods.

During Eyelid Surgery

What actually takes place during an eyelid surgery procedure?


For upper eyelid surgery, local anesthesia is used in combination with sedation. This means you’ll be awake but relaxed. For lower eyelid surgery, we use general anesthesia because the procedure is more complex.

Procedure Steps

During upper eyelid surgery, your surgeon makes an incision along the natural crease of the eyelid to make sure any scarring is well disguised. Through that incision, your surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the muscle tissue to correct any drooping.

During lower eyelid surgery, your surgeon uses an incision either below the lower lash line or inside the lower eyelid to remove or reposition fat deposits that cause a puffy appearance.


Upper eyelid surgery often takes less than an hour, but lower eyelid surgery or a combined procedure may take longer.

After Eyelid Surgery

What actually takes place during an eyelid surgery procedure?


Swelling and bruising are common during the first couple of weeks after eyelid surgery. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions to follow to make sure your incisions heal well and you’re able to safely return to your routine as soon as possible.

Returning to Work

Most people return to work after 1 to 2 weeks, when most swelling and bruising has subsided. You may wear contact lenses after 2 weeks and put makeup on after 1 to 2 weeks.


Long-term scarring is very minimal and hidden along the natural creases of the eye. With the help of a qualified surgeon, you’ll enjoy younger-looking, more refreshed eyes without any obvious signs you’ve had a procedure.

To see examples of the results you can expect after eyelid surgery, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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